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Created in 2015 by David Lopez, Passion Park Entertainment is

a production company dedicated to releasing creative content consistently.

The type of content released will include music, podcasts,

films, web-series, & more.


The first project released by Passion Park Entertainment

was David Lopez's Preacher's Son. The debut album from Lopez

was released on October 27th, 2015 and it includes

the singles "Champ" and "Lonely Days.". 


"Passion Park Entertainment is a company dedicated to releasing creative content consistently"


Passion Park began to release content in the form of

web-series in 2017.

The directorial debut for David Lopez came with the release of

the web-series So Much More in September 2017.

Since then, the Passion Park YouTube Channel

has expanded with different shows & film projects, including Direct Deposit and Happy Hour Live.

The release of The David Lopez Show in 2017 was the

first venture into the podcast world for Passion Park

and it has proven to be the longest lasting project thus far.

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